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Omega 3 And Going down Triglitseridy

If at you is triglitseridy, you can wish to believe that Omega of use 3 lowers them. Only what triglitseridy, and Omega 3 lower them?
Triglitseridy - the form of fat which the body uses for energy. They occur from fats which have eaten in food, and they can be made also in a body of carbohydrates. They can occur also from calories which you take in it, immediately were not used; these triglitseridy then are kept in fatty cages.
The reasons High Triglitseridov
Normal levels Triglitseridov - is less than 150 mg/dL but if they reach above 200 mg/dL, them consider high, and those above 500mg/dL consider very high. There are some things which can cause high levels triglitseridov. Such things as:
Nephritic Illness
Superfluous Alcohol
Shortage of Realization
Superfluous Consumption of Calories
The Thyroid gland disorder
Age increase
Problems With High Triglitseridami
The superfluous quantity triglitseridov or hypertriglyceridemia, as it is known, causes strengthening of arteries or an atherosclerosis. The atherosclerosis can conduct to stroke and heart attack.
Research also shows that the lifted levels triglitseridov can cause an ischemic heart trouble (CHD). Though not positive nevertheless, more and more research shows that high levels triglitseridov can cause CHD separately.
Therefore it is important to hold yours triglitseridy within a recommended range which is less than 150mg/dL.
Fall Triglitseridov With Omegoj 3
People with high triglitseridami often have the high levels LDL, having small density lipoproteina which is bad cholesterol and low levels HDL, high density lipoproteina, or good cholesterol. The key then should lift HDL and lower LDL and triglitseridy.
Placing more Omegi 3 in your diet as proved, has lifted yours HDL. It will lower yours triglitseridy and LDL.
Other things, which you can make to lower triglitseridy, should limit your consumption of a calorie, reduce you alcohol consumption, receive more realisation and change your diet, to remove the sated fats. Include more fruit and vegetables and eat, some parts of cold water catch week.
Fishes of cold water have a considerable quantity of Omegi 3 in them. These fishes include a salmon, a tuna, a trout, sardines and anchovies. As these fishes have a considerable quantity of oils, they tend to swallow more than metal pollution than other fish. If you have an anxiety on metal pollution of fish you can find additions of cod-liver oil without these zagryazniteley.
The conclusion
Fall triglitseridov is important for your health. Observing your diet and including bol'shee quantity of Omegi 3 you can lower the cholesterol and triglitseridy for more healthy way of life.


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